Updated/Effective October 14, 2020 



The purpose of The Artists’ Studio On-Line Gallery site is to give members a regular opportunity to display and sell new, original works of art. Every member wishing to exhibit in the Artists’ Studio On-Line Gallery site is responsible for reading and complying with the policies and procedures below.  Please help maintain the professional integrity of your art center.  You deserve to have your work displayed in a pleasing professional manner.




  • Artwork exhibited in The Artists’ Studio On-Line Gallery site must be created by a current member of the Palos Verdes Art Center (“PVAC”) and The Artists' Studio. Giclees/prints/reproductions of paintings, collages, or drawings will NOT be accepted for display in The Artists' Studio Gallery except for photography, printmaking, digital art or other media.


  • The number of products that may be exhibited on the website at any one time is five.


  • Each work may be exhibited only once.  


  • If an item is sold the Artist may replace it with new item.  


  • Images are not considered “new” if they are cropped or otherwise altered presentations of a previously displayed item.


  • Artwork submitted to the online Gallery is exclusive to the Gallery and may not be sold outside of the Gallery or exhibited in any physical show while it is listed on the website.


  • Products submitted to the on-line Gallery must remain for a minimum of two months but not more than 6 months.


  • All work exhibited in The Artists' Studio On-Line Gallery site is subject to approval and displayed at the discretion of the Director/Manager and designated support staff.




  • All images of work must be in jpg format between 1 megabyte and 5 megabytes in size.  Images should be in focus, properly lit and straight.    Two D art should be shown unframed.  Three D images should be photographed with a clean white or black background. Images that require a lot of corrections will be rejected. 


  • The artist is responsible for correctly completing the Art Submission Form on the website for each product to be displayed. A tutorial on how to complete the entry information is provided.  


  • Artists must use their unique ArtistsID when submitting products to the gallery.   This ID can be found on the TAS Roster that is posted on the OnLine Gallery website.




  • When a product is sold on the website an email notice will be sent to the artist. 


  • Artwork sold on the site must be available for immediate shipment. 


  • The artist is responsible for shipping any sold pieces of artwork within five business days of notice of sale.  


  • If the buyer opts for in-store pick up then the piece must be delivered within five business days to the TAS store at PVAC at a time designated by Manager.  As an alternative, artists may arrange to drop off the work to the buyer.


  • Any artist who fails to ship or deliver an order on time may forfeit their privileges to sell on the site for a designated period of three months unless good cause can be shown.


  • Below is a table of the shipping charges by product category.  These are the charges that the customer will see and pay.  They are standard shipping rates from USPS.  If you choose to sell products that do not fit the standardized size and weight for your product category, you will be responsible for any additional postal charges and will need to factor that cost into your price.  TAS will, from time to time review the standard shipping rates and modify if necessary.

  • The standard shipping charges are for postage only.  Shipping rates do not include the cost of packaging. The Artists is responsible for the cost of packaging and ensuring that the products they ship are properly packaged to prevent damage.  If you wish to purchase insurance you may do so at your expense. 


  • The artist needs to be aware that when you insure a piece of art, the packaging must comply with the shipping company’s specifications.  Our fixed rate packaging doesn’t necessarily meet insurance standards


  • You can set up a small business account with USPS to be able to print labels and track shipping online.  You will need to provide the buyer with a tracking number. 

Shipping Charges

Weight lbs
Shipping Cost

Shipping Resources


USPS Small Business Account:

GLS (Western States only):

Ship Gooder:

Box Brothers in Lomita:


USPS is the United States Post office website for setting up a small business account.  Ship Gooder is a website where you can get quotes and compare shipping rates from a number of companies.  Box Brothers has good prices on boxes and packing materials.  GLS is a discount shipper good for large paintings.





  • Artist will retain 75% of sales price of work sold in the Artists' Studio Gallery plus standard shipping cost listed in the shipping table. Payment is made in the month following the month of sale.  


  • Any artwork that is listed on the website will be sold at the price indicated on the artist Art Submission form. It is the responsibility of the artist to properly label and price all artwork submitted by filling out the Art Submission form completely and accurately.


  • Returns must be made in accordance with the return policy listed on the website.


  • TAS is not responsible for any lost or damaged products.  Lost or damaged merchandise should be reported to the shipper.


  • Fifteen percent (15%) of all proceeds from the sale of art goes to benefit Palos Verdes Art Center.​